GE Heathcare and MediView XR, a med-tech company that leverages augmented reality, announced their collaboration to co-develop the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System. It will combine medical imaging and mixed-reality solutions to assist physicians and their care teams.

The collaboration will pair GE’s imaging technologies with MediView’s augmented reality and surgical navigation expertise to allow physicians to evaluate multiple holographic displays of live imaging in 3D using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology. 

The aim is to help physicians better assess a patient’s anatomy, make more informed clinical decisions and allow for remote collaboration by care teams in different locations.

OmnifyXR will be designed and manufactured by MediView XR, and will initially launch in the U.S. 

“We are thrilled to advance our strategic collaboration with GE Healthcare by co-developing and creating the interventional suite of the future –- one that is designed to improve ergonomics, with natural interactions for optimized workflow and facilitates care

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Med-tech company iCAD announced it would incorporate Google Health’s mammography AI technology into its breast-imaging solutions thanks to a strategic development and commercialization agreement. 

Cancer detection and therapy solutions platform iCAD will utilize Google’s AI breast-imaging technology in its portfolio, including its clinical decision support tool for breast cancer risk-estimation ProFound AI Risk.

The deal will bring Google’s AI technology into clinical practice. This marks the first time the Alphabet subsidiary’s AI research model has been licensed with a mammography vendor.  

The New Hampshire-based company will also utilize Google Cloud’s infrastructure to accelerate the commercialization of its cloud-based offerings. 


In 2020, a study was published in Nature showing how the tech giant’s deep learning-based AI system fared compared to radiologists in detecting breast cancer during the early stages of the disease.

Results showed the AI tool decreased the rate of false positives by 5.7% in the U.S.

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It’s no secret the U.S. healthcare system is frequently hard to navigate, even for industry experts

Finding doctors, figuring out insurance and accessing care can be a particular challenge for young people who are doing it for the first time, said Lori Evans Bernstein, CEO and cofounder of Caraway. Young women and others assigned female at birth also face a complex landscape of abortion restrictions as well as a growing need for mental healthcare in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caraway, which offers virtual mental and physical healthcare geared toward women ages 18 to 27, has been expanding into new states, most recently adding services in Ohio and North Carolina. The startup emerged from stealth over the summer with $10.5 million in seed funding.

Bernstein sat down with MobiHealthNews to discuss Caraway’s rollout in new states and what the startup has learned since its launch in September. 

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Editor’s note: This article has been updated with a comment from Apple.

Ten state attorneys general are urging Apple to add new protections for reproductive health data contained in third-party apps hosted on the App Store.

In a letter sent to CEO Tim Cook, attorneys general of California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington said lax rules for safeguarding reproductive health data could harm patients or providers in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. 

The group said location history, search history and adjacent health data — information related to past, present or future reproductive health of the user — could pose a risk to people looking for or providing abortions, birth control or other reproductive care.

The attorneys general argue Apple should require app developers to delete location, search and health data that isn’t required for

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Novi Health, a Singapore-based health tech company and specialist clinic, has scored $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Monk’s Hill Ventures.


Founded in 2018, the company offers a healthcare platform that integrates clinical treatments with behavioural and lifestyle interventions to address chronic conditions.

It has two core digital products: Novi Magnum and Novi Optimum Plus. The former helps people with diabetes control their condition using continuous glucose monitoring technology, coupled with medical care and dietary and lifestyle coaching. A study has found that this programme helped participants reduce HbA1c by 1% and weight by almost 6% over three months. 

Meanwhile, the latter is targeted at people wanting to lose excess weight. It also integrates medical treatment with health coaching to achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss.


Novi Health’s latest funds will be used to hire more people for its technology,

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ASX-listed health tech firm CardieX announced it acquired Silicon Valley-based Blumio, a developer of cardiovascular sensor algorithms and data analytics tools.

CardieX focuses on hypertension, cardiovascular health and other arterial health disorders, while Blumio develops wearable-sensor technologies focused on capturing cardiovascular data, including blood pressure measurements. 

The acquisition follows a three-year collaboration between the companies, which determined Blumio’s sensor technology was compatible with CardieX subsidiary ATCOR’s SphygmoCor arterial technology that measures the central aortic pressure waveform.

CardieX will also utilize Blumio’s assets to improve its Arty Heart Health Analytics Platform in its CONNEQT Pulse and for its CONNEQT Band devices.

“Blumio brings a suite of capabilities in wearable sensor development, signal processing and big data analytics expertise that will benefit both of our ATCOR and CONNEQT brands, especially in relation to the ongoing development activities surrounding our CONNEQT Band. This acquisition is a natural extension of our core solutions that

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Women's Fitness GymEntering into shape has by no means been extra enjoyable in terms of women’s exercises. Our facility is a clear and secure space for all girls to meet up and construct community and relationships while assembly their health and fitness goals. What about if you can’t back squat? What in case you have an harm or a limitation that makes barbell squatting problematic? You can do body weight squats, squats holding dumb bells, goblet squats, curtsy squats, box squats. Probably other squats too, haha. There are also a myriad of other superior leg exercises as effectively. In case your mobility and range of motion are limited (meaning, you may’t sit deeply into your squat and preserve good posture), then I really advise you NOT to squat with a barbell in any respect and just work on growing your vary of motion safely. So do body weight squats, goblet squats and …

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AI-enabled care facility automation platform announced it raised $27 million in funding led by multi-asset investment firm Crescent Cove Advisors. 


The Florida-based company’s Smart Care Facility Platform includes a network of sensors spread through a care facility that monitors patients using AI, which allows a facility to collect real-time behavior data for clinical and operational insights.

The funds will help the company help grow the company and deliver “ambient intelligence to healthcare.” 

“The physical, emotional, and economic burden on our caregivers has never been more challenging. Processes remain manual and time-consuming, and care teams are bogged down with burdensome tasks and documentation – and unfortunately, clinicians and patients suffer the consequences,” Chakri Toleti, CEO and founder of, said in a statement.

“Our mission is to enable the transformational promise of a smart care facility, providing a level of care the world has never seen. We’ve

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Israeli startup AEYE Health announced last week it had received FDA 510(k) clearance for its AI-based screening tool for diabetic retinopathy.

The AEYE-DS system, which received the agency’s green light earlier this month, uses images from each eye to detect signs of more-than-mild diabetic retinopathy, a complication from diabetes that can lead to blindness or other serious vision problems. 

It’s currently cleared to use images obtained by the desktop retinal camera Topcon NW-400. AEYE said it was working to receive clearance to use the system with a portable camera, and that it’s studying use for screening glaucomatous optic neuropathy.

“The time has finally come for autonomous screening technology to exceed the efficacy of the human expert,” AEYE board member Dr. Sean Ianchulev said in a statement. “The implications are that it can be practical for deployment on the front lines of population health – the primary care offices,

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Denver-based in-home care provider DispatchHealth raised $330 million in funding, with the equity raise led by Optum Ventures. This brings the company’s total raise to over $700 million.

New investors Blue Shield of California, Olayan Group, Adams Street Partners, Pegasus Tech Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank joined in funding. Existing investors supported the round, including Humana, Questa Capital, Oak HC/FT and Echo Health Ventures.

Silicon Valley Bank and K2 HealthVentures led the debt raise. 

The funds will be used to continue building the company’s proprietary platform, called the Last Mile Health Care Technology Platform, aimed to help with care delivery via logistics, clinical support and coordination with other parties in its ecosystem. 

The latest funding round was initially reported by Home Health News.

The recent raise comes after the in-home care provider announced it scored $200 million in Series D funding in early 2021, which brought the company’s total

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