Feel like you have to hustle your butt off to get more clients?

These days, it can seem like being “just” a great coach isn’t enough of a sell.

Not only do you need to know your stuff and be a natural “people person,” but to market yourself properly, you’re also supposed to figure out a unique coaching niche, define your brand, keep up with research, and regularly post polished, compelling content—on whatever platform is trending at the moment.

Um… what?

No wonder so many coaches feel overwhelmed and confused about the whole marketing thing.

(Not to mention icky. You don’t want to have to promise abs in eight days just to get some eyes on your business!)

Fortunately, there IS a way to market yourself effectively—using YOUR strengths, YOUR message, and on YOUR schedule.

Take fitness and nutrition coach Tia Smith.

Tia’s a 38 year-old coach living in metropolitan

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When people experience more stress than they can handle, they usually struggle in many different areas of their lives.

Sleep gets disrupted. Relationships grow tense. Nutrition habits regress.

More alcohol and sweets tend to come into the picture. Exercise becomes a thing of the past.

The scale often goes up.

It’s not uncommon for stressed folks to complain, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get anything done? What happened to my willpower? Why am I so lazy?”

Thing is, they’re not lazy. They’re just suffering from toxic stress.

This is where stress management coaching—aka stress management training—can make a big difference.

Certified stress management coaches help people set priorities, learn relaxation skills, and reduce their overall stress load. End result: Clients feel better—and finally are able to uncover the energy and bandwidth needed to successfully tackle other wellness goals.

Maybe you’re thinking: I want to help people do that!

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Reviewed by Jennifer Martin, PhD

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines about how oversleeping has been linked to a greater risk of disease and death. If you’re the kind of person who regularly clocks more than eight hours of slumber, these news stories have probably made you wonder, “Why do I sleep so much? And is it bad for me?”

In this story, sleep experts help you understand the latest science. You’ll find out what really happens when you oversleep, along with how it affects your health.

(Spoiler: Chances are, you have nothing to worry about.)

How much is too much sleep?

On average, most people need somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. But that’s an average, not a good-health edict.

“As you start to move out in either direction, there are people who require slightly more and slightly less sleep,” says Chris Winter, MD, sleep specialist,

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HealthAs an actions director for a senior middle or residence, I do know it is important to plan some actions that may get folks moving.

I exploit Coconut Oil for cooking – frying, desserts, muffins, cookies, as a skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, for Oil Pulling, eating – in raw cake and pie recipes, salads, smoothies and cacao chocolate, as massage oil and even as a suntan lotion! The list of uses for Coconut Oil appears to be endless. See what I mean about it being a Excellent Superfood for super health?.

Within the process of writing The Hungry Brain, I learn countless papers and interviewed 36 main researchers within the fields of neuroscience, weight problems research, and anthropology. I had my mind scanned in an fMRI machine whereas taking a look at junk food. I commissioned and compiled 47 illustrations, schematics, and graphs, largely by a skilled medical illustrator named …

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Healththeir skill to gradual the build up of deposits in arteries as well as battle frequent, age-associated diseases.

But from its inception, the electronic health document has been dogged with issues and fraught with complexities and it nonetheless has not had the uptake wanted to fulfil the vision of a concise affected person report out there in an emergency. I preferred your hub because of priceless data and also attributable to my love for prawns.Sharing it socially. And this last tub is the one I discussed to start with, as it’s the best. We found somewhat little bit of heaven right here however the considered going by means of the river again was at all times behind my thoughts and I wasn’t prepared to leave anytime too quickly.

So what went incorrect? Maybe one downside was taxing a whole category of nutrients (fats) reasonably than specific foods. The larger downside …

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